Monday, August 28, 2006

Slowing down

Well I really haven’t been working towards the quest at all lately. I’ve been working towards a reload bonus over at Hollywood Poker which has gotten off to a rocky start but is coming around. Party Poker is also having a reload bonus which I will be taking advantage of as well so the tourney quest is on indefinite hold for now. In the past I have chased bonuses at various sites, the majority of which turned out on the positive side let’s not talk about Absolute Poker which is the only site to have absolutely raked me over the coals. I am now to the point where in the overall scheme of things I make more money in play than I do chasing bonuses so with that I will maintain a presence at a couple of sites and play strictly for cash and their occasional reload bonuses.


Blogger Todd said...

So does your lack of mentioning mean you escaped the weekend without being dubbed, "Champion"? :) I was counting on my little bro bringing it home - fishing, golf and poker. What happened to that? Say it ain't so - you surely did not let the Northerners beat my man from the South!

3:03 PM

Blogger The Younger said...

See the update.

10:07 AM


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