Monday, September 11, 2006

Crazy players...

And to think that I thought there were a bunch of fish playing online poker. Heck you haven't seen fish until you play in a $2/$4 or $4/$8 game in Las Vegas. It's almost as if I need to forget everything I know about playing poker and see every flop, turn and river calling down whatever bets are made and then only if I don't have better than bottom pair fold. And by the way these players talk you would think they are the best poker players in the world. Good thing I brought my laptop so I can offset any live game losses I have at the online tables. The good news is I'm up overall between the two thanks to the online games.

I did play in a NL tourney today and got busted out in 4th when I had the winning hand up to the river. I flopped a set of 3's and the flush knocked me out on in the end.

More to come....


Blogger Paul said...

Are you saying that there are fish beating you at live poker? [Shameless admission: I'm not even sure what that means.]

8:51 PM

Blogger The Younger said...

That is what I am saying. Allow me to explain...A "fish" in poker is someone who plays a hand when everything is against them and in the end they somehow come up with the best hand by only luck. Yes there is luck involved in poker but there is also skill and the mathematical side such as outs (cards left in the deck to actually make your hand) and odds to call based on those outs. These folks here are oblivious to all of the above.

12:23 AM


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